New Moon by Stephenie Meyer ~ Review ~

★★★ stars

This i49041s the second book in the Twilight series. I read the first one last week. I decided to read this series after re – watching the movies for the second time. My friend told me that this book was the most boring in the series, so I expected it to be super slow.

For me, it wasn’t that it was slow, it was just that it was annoying. It’s starts off with Jacob and Bella in love and then it ends with the characters in the same emotional state. The only character that you see change throughout this book is Jacob.

The cover of this book is really pretty, although I couldn’t really see how it connected with the story. It is black underneath it’s dust jacket with no designs or anything and silver writing. I give it ★★★ stars for over all book design.

Bella, as a character in this book, is very annoying. Even though this book is in first perspective, I found it really hard to like her. She pines after Edward forever and leads Jacob on even when she knows he likes her because she needs to feel human contact. She has zero character growth and is a really one dimensional character, whereas in the first book I found she had a little more depth to her personage.

Edward is hardly in this book so I don’t even know what to say about him. The parts that he is in, however, are him being indecisive or silent and brooding. He is the most indecisive character that I have ever read. One moment he sticking next to her no matter what and then he is leaving for Bella’s sake. Also, this thing about him not having a soul. He’s SUCH a pessimist.

Jacob Black is by far my favourite character. He has the most character growth in this book. I feel like Stephenie Meyer just had Edward leave so that she could develop Jacob’s storyline. If Edward had never left there probably wouldn’t even be a love triangle. Jacob is just so adorable and sweet to Bella. He is always there for her even though he knows that Bella loves Edward and she just keeps leading him on. He’s such a cutie.

Over all, the characters in this book are 1/3 so I give them ★★ stars.

The plot was very flat. It was all just building toward the last fifty or so pages. I liked the middle bits because of Jacob, but the beginning and the end were not very good.



Twilight by Stephenie Meyer ~Review~

★★★.5 stars

41865Recently, Netflix added the first three Twilight movies on so I decided to re-watch them all and after doing this I decided I would read the books since I had never read them before.

Going into this book, I knew exactly what I was getting into. Or, at least, I knew what everyone said about this book. I had heard that Twilight was the worst series in the world and that Bella was a horrible character. I had heard that Stephenie Meyer couldn’t write to save a life, whatever that saying means. And I had heard that the love triangle was to die for, and not in a good way, in a way that meant you would actually kill yourself because of it.

One of the reasons I read this book was because of Taylor Lautner, aka Jacob Black, aka Werewolf Extraordinaire. He is just so attractive and just … yum. I needed to have the whole Jacob Black experience so I picked up the book at the library. Sadly, Jacob isn’t in a lot of the first book, but my favorite scene is when Jacob and Bella are walking on the beach together. It’s so cute when he’s all small and adorable and ignorant of girls. Ack he’s so pretty.

My four favorite things about this book were a) JACOB b) Mike c) the Cullen family (except my problems with Edward d) CHARLIE (poor baby) and also e) the setting.

Mike is such a great character. I feel so bad for him because he tries so hard to befriend Bella and be there for her while she just takes him for granted. I thought he was such a good character and that he was really mature. When Bella turned him down he took it really well and was still her friend afterwards. I wish Bella had given him a chance.

The Cullen family is another thing I really loved. I loved their characters, especially Alice and Carlisle. I loved the history of where Carlisle came from. I also liked how calm and reasonable he was. I liked that Alice was really welcoming to Bella and her special powers. Emmett and Rosalie were really cute and Jasper was pretty great. Also, Esme is so cute as a mother.

Next, Charlie. I feel so bad for Charlie! He just tries to be a good father and Bella just sort of ignores him. And then that scene on page 393! She just leaves him and says what her mother last said. I was just heartbroken! I know Bella thought she was doing the best thing she could, but I wish she could’ve just taken him with her. He is just so ignorant of the whole thing and Bella seems not to care about him enough to tell him.

Forks, Washington. It just seems like such a magical place with all the mist and the forest and rain. I love rain. I love it. Yay.

The issues I have with this book are a) Bella b) Edward’s indecisiveness/stalkerish ways c) the sparkling.

Bella is just so… Bella. She doesn’t give anyone a chance. She seems to be so uppity and she seems to see herself above normal high school students. She also sees herself as below them and not as pretty as them, which is weird because she’s slightly humble and snobby at the same time. She hardly gives anyone other than Edward the time of day.

Edward is an odd character. One second he acts obsessed with Bella and tries to get close to her. The next second he is pushing her away and is trying to get over her. He is super indecisive to the point where I can’t take any of his decisions seriously. Also, the watching her sleep thing. That’s not okay.

Lastly, the sparkling. Why? Just why?

Would recommend if you like: Second rate novels, who’s main plot is obsessive romance.




How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

★★★★★ stars

“An in – your – face, feminist novel that you will not be able to put down.”

I 12853720read this book because I am in Emma Watson’s book club, called Our Shared Shelf. I had never heard of Caitlin Moran until I saw this book, but apparently she is huge over in Britain. She had her first novel published at 15, a feat which I am trying to accomplish (six months to go).

I did not know what to expect from this novel, since I had heard mixed reviews, but I was completely blown out of the water by how amazing and humorous this book was.

It took me not even three days to read this book. I read it in class, walking home from the bus, and in spare minutes between choir rehearsal. I was encaptivated from the very beginning. Even from the index I could tell that this was going to be a wonderful ride of a book. The chapters had titles like “I Need a Bra!” and “I Encounter Some Sexism!”. Each and every chapter was a fabulous joyride of laughter mixed with more serious topics.

It is in a memoir style with feminist lessons thrown in. She discusses abortion, porn, strip clubs, etc. All in her own amazingly sassy, loud style. Please read this book. I know it says “How to Be a Woman”, but even if you are a man please read. This book is life changing.

Would Recommend If You Like: Feminism!

15+ – adult language – adult themes

Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between by Jennifer E. Smith

23369370★★★★.5 stars

“A witty romance with twists and turns round every corner”

I have wanted to read this book since September and I finally decided to go to the library and pick it up just last week. I went to pick it up and also got Mosquitoland which I recently reviewed. This book was just what I expected!

I knew what I would be getting into with this book even before I started it. I’ve read other books by this author and was already familiar with her writing style. Jennifer’s writing is so amazing! Whenever I want to feel happy I pick up one of her books. This book was no different.

Any time I picked up this book I was totally and utterly engaged. It took me four days to read this book, only because I have exams next week! Normally, I would read a book like this in one sitting. This book is one that I normally just eat up!

The romance was so amazing! The book takes place over less than twenty – four hours, which I loved! The chapter names were perfection and they tied in perfectly with the story. I love how everything in the book connects. Jennifer has written in wonderful and funny puns that her characters use. The conflict in the book is amazingly written and I love all the thoroughly unique characters. She writes romance perfectly, she is literally my writing goals!

Why not 5 stars? A little bit of a slow beginning, but still perfection.

Would Recommend If You Like: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West or This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

⦁ 12+ ⦁ no “adult” language ⦁




Top 5 Fandoms

Top 5 Wednesday 

Originally started by gingerreadslainey

#5 Narnia

Narnia is one of those series – the books and the movies – that just make you smile. It makes you happy just thinking about it. I started the series when I was seven or eight and finished the last book when I was thirteen. Of course, I had my crushes on Peter and Edmund and still have quite a crush on the actor who played Peter, William Moseley. Narnia was one of the series that made me start to love reading and I recommend to everyone and anyone.

#4 Doctor Who


My mom actually made me start watching this with her when I was twelve, which is funny considering that now she doesn’t watch it because it gives her “strange dreams”. This show is one of my favorite things because it could literally continue forever. I love the idea of regeneration and all that jazz. My favorite doctor is Eleven and I love Amy Pond! They are my OTP and relationship goals. And the science fiction element of this show is just great. There are countless numbers of times I have cried during this show. I recommend it to anyone who loves science fiction.

#3 Girl Meets World


Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking (maybe). This is a family channel show! The first season was less than decent! The story lines can be ridiculous! Okay. I know all of this, I really do, but this show is my guilty pleasure and all of us are allowed one of those. I love the ridiculous things that happen and the somewhat love triangle! I love the crazy fandom community! And I am not ashamed to say that I love Girl Meets World.

#2 Harry Potter


I mean, you knew this was coming, didn’t you? Most people have Harry Potter somewhere on their list. It is just such a timeless tale of good and evil, as well as heroism. The characters are vibrant and the author is amazing! If you haven’t read this, please do. This is another series that made me love reading.

#1 Reign


So here it is… Number One. Reign. The. Best. TV. Show (in my opinion). The only thing that I wish was different about this TV show is that I wish there were books (and one other thing, but it’s too spoilery). That’s the only thing that could make this show any better. It’s a historical show about Mary, Queen of Scots and it is just perfection. Like, it is literally the best thing I have ever seen in my whole life. Just watch it. Please.

That was my first Top 5 Wednesday! Hope you enjoyed!

Mosquitoland by David Arnold


★★★★.5 stars

“A gritty road trip story with unforgettable characters.”

I came upon this book on the New YA shelf at my library. I had come in for one book. A Jennifer E. Smith novel. A lovely cute romance that would give me all the feels. I left with nearly 400 pages of intense reading material that I would gobble up in less than 24 hours.

My initial thoughts were that it looked interesting. I’d heard a lot about it and never thought about reading it before. I had heard some mixed reviews and wondered would this be my next reading favorite or my next reading failure?

At first, while I was reading I wasn’t sure about Mim. She seemed very down about life, which does make sense considering her circumstances. I was confused about some of the ways this character looked at life.

When I started, I wasn’t sure if I would end up putting this book down or not. I wasn’t sure about Mim and Poncho Guy creeped me out. But as I kept reading I got more and more intrigued in the mind of the character. I wasn’t sure what was going on with her most of the time, which made me even more excited to delve into Mim’s mind. The romance was good, light, and fun. Nothing mushy, but still cute. Walt is my favourite character and I like the aspect that this character added to the book.

Why not 5 stars? I like my beginnings intriguing if you please.

Would Recommend If You Like: Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid and All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

• 14+ • medium use of “adult” language • themes for those not faint of heart • a fear-inducing scene or two •