Top 5 Fandoms

Top 5 Wednesday 

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#5 Narnia

Narnia is one of those series – the books and the movies – that just make you smile. It makes you happy just thinking about it. I started the series when I was seven or eight and finished the last book when I was thirteen. Of course, I had my crushes on Peter and Edmund and still have quite a crush on the actor who played Peter, William Moseley. Narnia was one of the series that made me start to love reading and I recommend to everyone and anyone.

#4 Doctor Who


My mom actually made me start watching this with her when I was twelve, which is funny considering that now she doesn’t watch it because it gives her “strange dreams”. This show is one of my favorite things because it could literally continue forever. I love the idea of regeneration and all that jazz. My favorite doctor is Eleven and I love Amy Pond! They are my OTP and relationship goals. And the science fiction element of this show is just great. There are countless numbers of times I have cried during this show. I recommend it to anyone who loves science fiction.

#3 Girl Meets World


Okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking (maybe). This is a family channel show! The first season was less than decent! The story lines can be ridiculous! Okay. I know all of this, I really do, but this show is my guilty pleasure and all of us are allowed one of those. I love the ridiculous things that happen and the somewhat love triangle! I love the crazy fandom community! And I am not ashamed to say that I love Girl Meets World.

#2 Harry Potter


I mean, you knew this was coming, didn’t you? Most people have Harry Potter somewhere on their list. It is just such a timeless tale of good and evil, as well as heroism. The characters are vibrant and the author is amazing! If you haven’t read this, please do. This is another series that made me love reading.

#1 Reign


So here it is… Number One. Reign. The. Best. TV. Show (in my opinion). The only thing that I wish was different about this TV show is that I wish there were books (and one other thing, but it’s too spoilery). That’s the only thing that could make this show any better. It’s a historical show about Mary, Queen of Scots and it is just perfection. Like, it is literally the best thing I have ever seen in my whole life. Just watch it. Please.

That was my first Top 5 Wednesday! Hope you enjoyed!

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